Who We Are

It all started in 2018...

when making handmade soap seemed like another thing in a long line of hobbies. As a marketing and office manager looking for more creativity in my life, I found that soap making is the perfect blending of chemistry and art.

Since then, I have contacted my sister who has been living on Maui over 15 years and the experiences that she has on her luxury property cleaning business and found out that she has a hard time finding good products which natural and locally made on the island of Maui to represent aloha lifestyle.

I then began to take it seriously with this hobby and took professional soap making classes, I’ve got to meet other creative people from all over the world making their beautiful handmade soap. I’ve tried and failed so many formulas until I got it just right. I’ve given away to friends and family. They’ve tried and they loved it!

My sister and I then decided to take this soap making to another level and put our master piece on the market so other people can enjoy it too.

Our products are made with Natural and Organic Ingredients.

Products by Kamaʻāina